How Much Does Health Insurance Cost For the Self-Employed Small Business Owner?

Recent US Census data indicates more than 10 million Americans are small business owners. The American Dream of small business ownership is certainly thriving. For small and medium-size business owners, self-employment has always been about the capability of controlling one’s own destiny. In other words, the accumulation of enough positive net worth in a liquid state to make decisions based on your family and your own best interest.

Many people put off pursuing the American Dream of small business ownership because of the question of the cost of health insurance. Because of the many options available for health insurance, the answer can vary significantly.

Questions on Cost of Small Business Health Insurance

  1. What type of insurance do you want? Your primary options are small group insurance, individual insurance and short-term health insurance.
  2. What state do you live in? In some states you can get small group health insurance with a one-person company.
  3. Do you have any pre-existing conditions? It can be more difficult to obtain individual insurance or short-term insurance if you have health issues.
  4. How long do you need the insurance? If you’re planning to hire employees in 6 to 12 months, your best option may be short-term insurance. If you want or need the insurance indefinitely, then there may be other options.

Regardless of your individual circumstances, the dedicated agents at LEB Insurance Group to determine the best health insurance option for your personal situation. Get started on your dream today!

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